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About South Gate
About South Gate
About South Gate
We specialize in Foreign Worker Supply and Local Labour Recruitment  in Malaysia.
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Work Permit Application
Work Permit Application
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How to Productively Manage Your Foreign Workers?

In Malaysia, foreign workers are commonly employed in the construction, plantation, service, food & beverage service, cleaners and manufacturing sectors. Foreign worker recruitment can be a hassle task, which is why most companies tend to outsource to professional foreign worker agency...
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Addressing challenges faced in employment of foreign worker in Malaysia

In Malaysia, most of the companies from SME to international corporations rely on foreign labour to sustain their productivity needs. Companies are required to deal with the various laws and regulations governing the employment of foreign labour, while at the same time, take care of the...
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Things you need to know about getting work permit for your foreign worker

Hey Boss! Still troubling over the work permit renewal for your foreign worker? You can avoid making mistakes in these complicated processes if you understand about the terms and conditions for work permit application and work permit renewal...
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Checklist for Your Foreign Worker’s Work Permit Renewal

Work permit up for renewal for your foreign worker? Fret not, we have prepared a roundup of checklist for you before applying for work permit renewal. Read on!
Employees are an invaluable asset to a company, and foreign workers are no different. In order to work here in Malaysia, immigrant workers require all documentation to be up to date and valid to avoid any complications. With increasing laws and regulations being pushed by the Malaysian...
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What You Need to Prepare Before Coming to Malaysia As an Expat

Having trouble trying to work out how to get that dream job in Malaysia? Well you’re in luck as we have just the guide for you on what to prepare before coming to Malaysia and getting an expat professional visa.
Recognised for its diversity in not just culture but market, Malaysia is a well-known choice for expatriates to further their career. However, from the long list of laws and all the paperwork that comes with them, it can be quite overwhelming and confusing to figure out what to do before taking...
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Common FAQ When Applying for a Professional Visa

The process of applying for a Professional Visa is long and complicated. There are many different things that you have to account for, and that can leave many applicants confused and frustrated
Having dealt with many application cases at South Gate, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) by professional visa applicants to ease the lengthy and complex process of applying for a Professional Visa...
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Guide to Getting Foreign Worker Insurance in Malaysia

Known for a market of opportunities that are just as diverse and vibrant as its deep history and culture, it is no surprise that Malaysia is a common destination for tourists and expats alike. There are many things to prepare and research ahead of time for your stay here, with one of the most vital of them being the available healthcare system and...
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Types of Foreign Worker Insurance in Malaysia

Since the introduction of the Foreign Worker Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance Scheme by the Malaysian government on 2011, insurance for foreign workers are compulsory. It is of most importance that employers have their workers insured for everyone’s peace of mind. South Gate has prepared this guide for types of foreign worker insurance in Malaysia to help ease the...
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How to deal with rejected professional visa application for expatriate position in Malaysia?

Due to the shortage of skilled workforce in Malaysia, it is common for local companies and companies with foreign interest to bring in expatriate officers to fill positions as permitted by our local government. These expatriate officers are required to apply for work permits prior to their official work...
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Challenges for HR in Managing Foreign Labour in Malaysia

Human resource is involved with the staff management of the company from staff selection, hiring management as well as foreign worker recruitment. If you are a company that deals with recruitment of foreign worker, here are some challenges that you shall be aware of:...
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Our Clients for Foreign Worker Supply and Local Labor @ Malaysia

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  I knew South Gate when I wanted to get some foreign workers for the first time for my company 2 years ago. I was not sure about the requirements and process by that time, but the person in-charged was able to give detail consultation to clear my doubts. South Gate is very professional and ethical in business. I have recommended their services to many of my friends.  
  -    A-T Mould (M) Sdn. Bhd.    -  
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