20   Foreign Worker Insurance & Claim Matters  
Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee and Foreign Workers Hospital & Surgical Insurance Scheme is required by the Immigration Department (under Regulation 21) it Covers repatriation expenses in the event your foreign worker is required by authorities to be sent back to their country origin during their stay in Malaysia. Duration of cover is set by the Immigration Department is eighteen (18) months. We assist in purchasing of foreign worker insurance, Insurance Claim and how to repatriation of deceased body service to ease your mind.
  Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee
    An Insurance Guarantee required by the Immigration Department from employers as a security deposit for employment of foreign workers.
  Foreign Workers Hospital & Surgical Insurance Scheme
    This scheme provides foreign workers cashless admission into a Non-Corporatised Malaysian Government Hospital.
  Foreign Worker PA
    Foreign Workers PA is aimed towards ensuring protection for foreign workers and their employers in addition to the compulsory insurance protection required under Social Security Organisation (SOCSO).
  Domestic Maid Insurance Scheme
    Coverage for Accidental Death, Permanent Disablement, Medical Expenses, Repatriation Expenses, Hospitalisation Expenses and Vicarious Liability