01   Recruitment of Foreign Worker (Kdn Approval Quota Application)
In need of foreign workers for your business? We help businesses to recruit foreign workers that match the best competency fit for your labour needs. Whether you require skilled or general labour, we have resources from around the world to support your labour requirements including the number of foreign worker required, working expertise, contract duration and other related welfare requirements. We provide hassle-free service from the procedure of obtaining written confirmation from the Department of Labour of Peninsular Malaysia, submitting application for foreign worker recruitment quota from the Ministry of Home Affairs and settling levies within 30 days from the date of quota approval. To ensure compliance, we will assist customers with:
  Processing of bio-data
  Medical screening and security clearance
  Application of calling visa and single-entry visa
  Notify the Department of Labour of Peninsular Malaysia upon arrival in Malaysia with
    Transportation service
  Arrange for mandatory medical examination at FOMEMA-registered panel clinic within
    30 days from arrival in Malaysia
Over the years, we have developed strong competencies in handling foreign worker recruitment matters especially for manufacturing, construction, plantation, hotel, services and agricultural industries. From visa application, documentation, approval letter, legal compliance to cultural orientation, our personnel are well-trained to ensure a smooth labour fulfillment process for you. Contact our office for immediate assistance today.