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About South Gate
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How to Productively Manage Your Foreign Workers?

In Malaysia, foreign workers are commonly employed in the construction, plantation, service, food & beverage service, cleaners and manufacturing sectors. Foreign worker recruitment can be a hassle task, which is why most companies tend to outsource to professional foreign worker agency to facilitate the recruitment process.
What comes after is the question of how employers can effectively manage their foreign workers for better productivity. Accumulating our years of experience, we have summed up some of the tips related to foreign worker recruitment for the best productivity of your business. Read on!

Provide suitable accommodation

Place your workers to stay near to your workplace for their transport convenience. If your business is involved in recruitment of foreign worker , do consider setting up a proper living environment for them. If you are engaging a hostel management service by outsourced agency, make sure it comes with warden to monitor and resolve maintenance issues in the hostel. Find hostels that are guarded and gated for optimum safety control.

Get living essential ready

Provide complete living facilities including water supply, electricity supply, beds, mattresses, fans and other necessities.
Some companies may opt to outsource this cumbersome process by engaging a professional agency to take charge of the hostel management.

Provide transportation service

By providing transportation service between workplace to the workers’ hostel, it helps to ensure workers report to work punctually and allows better management of attendance record by the employers.

Medical check-up service

A healthy staff is a productive staff. When it comes to foreign worker recruitment , it is advisable for employers to provide regular medical check-up service to ensure that the foreign workers are always in good health condition to carry out their daily work, and prevent spread of contagious disease among the community.

Payroll administration

Most foreign workers work overtime, and not everyone of them work within the same working hour. Thus, payroll computation and administration could be a tedious process for most company HR. To simplify the process, employers may choose to engage professional agency to handle the payroll computation and administration work for their foreign workers.
At South Gate, our customers enjoy hassle-free payroll computation and administration service with our time management system.
South Gate is a foreign worker agency providing manpower supply, foreign worker recruitment and visa application services. Having dealt with foreign workers management for many years, we truly understand employers’ challenges and thus, we are able to provide the necessary service to facilitate better foreign worker management.
Need help for your foreign worker related issues? South Gate has you covered, contact us for further information.
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Our Clients for Foreign Worker Supply and Local Labor @ Malaysia

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  I knew South Gate when I wanted to get some foreign workers for the first time for my company 2 years ago. I was not sure about the requirements and process by that time, but the person in-charged was able to give detail consultation to clear my doubts. South Gate is very professional and ethical in business. I have recommended their services to many of my friends.  
  -    A-T Mould (M) Sdn. Bhd.    -  
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