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About South Gate
About South Gate
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Work Permit Application
Work Permit Application
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Challenges for HR in Managing Foreign Labour in Malaysia

Human resource is involved with the staff management of the company from staff selection, hiring management as well as foreign worker recruitment. If you are a company that deals with recruitment of foreign worker, here are some challenges that you shall be aware of:

Keeping up with the changes in rules and regulations

No matter how large or small your business is, it’s important to make sure you’re in compliance with employment and labour law in Malaysia. There are rules and regulations of foreign worker recruitment that you have to follow, from work pass application, work permit renewal, wages payment, to workplace safety and etc.
Make sure that you are always up-to-date with the latest policy enacted by government, or your company may be charged for non-compliance penalty.

Social security

All companies must register their staff with valid documents under SOCSO (the country’s Social Security organisation).
According to the new regulation of employment policy, foreign worker recruitment, including expatriates that hired in Malaysia are eligible for Employment Injury Scheme, such as medical benefits, temporary/permanent disablement benefits, constant-attendance allowance, dependent’s benefits, and rehabilitation.

Workforce Training and Development

Investing in the workforce training and development of lower-level workers is a common challenge for HR department. Workers on the front line may not have the time to take a training course (e.g. compulsory safety course or skill development course). There could also be communication issues faced by foreign workers in receiving instructions from their manager.
HR department needs to ensure all compulsory courses are duly attended by the foreign worker, while facilitating additional training course as deemed necessary for the job roles.

Visa restrictions

The first step of foreign worker recruitment – is for the HR department to get a foreign worker work permit from the Malaysia Immigration Department. There 3 types of work pass that you can apply for which are employment pass, temporary employment pass and professional visa pass.
When it comes to apply for the permit, you should clearly understand the requirement of work pass application and be well-prepared for the documents needed.
Having all these prepared, you are on your way to efficient management of foreign labour in your company.
South Gate is a foreign worker agency providing manpower supply, foreign worker recruitment and visa application services. In need of manpower to grow your business? South Gate has you covered, contact us for further help.
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Our Clients for Foreign Worker Supply and Local Labor @ Malaysia

Advance Lab AsiaPaint A-T BHIG Harmony Marine Products Sdn Bhd hq Metonmas Red Elbow Sen Co Yogo


  I knew South Gate when I wanted to get some foreign workers for the first time for my company 2 years ago. I was not sure about the requirements and process by that time, but the person in-charged was able to give detail consultation to clear my doubts. South Gate is very professional and ethical in business. I have recommended their services to many of my friends.  
  -    A-T Mould (M) Sdn. Bhd.    -  
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