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Guide to Getting Foreign Worker Insurance in Malaysia

Known for a market of opportunities that are just as diverse and vibrant as its deep history and culture, it is no surprise that Malaysia is a common destination for tourists and expats alike. There are many things to prepare and research ahead of time for your stay here, with one of the most vital of them being the available healthcare system and insurance. For your peace of mind while you pursue your career, South Gate has prepared this guide of what to be taken into consideration for getting foreign worker insurance in Malaysia.

The Public and Private Healthcare Systems

Though not specifically a national health service, the public sector for healthcare in Malaysia is greatly subsidised by the local Ministry of Health with joint funding from taxes. However, this sector is exclusive to Malaysian citizens, and often has its services overcrowded. Meanwhile, the private sector of healthcare is open to all with better attention and facilities, but with a more expensive price tag.

Healthcare Cost for Expats in Malaysia

Malaysia has one of the best medical equipment and professionals that any expat can access to. Even so, the prices are very different between the public and private sectors. To illustrate, a citizen need only pay MYR 30 for surgery admission, while foreigners will need to shell out prices that can reach up to MYR 1100. However, if we put exchange rates into account, at just around 270 USD for admission compared to the over 10,000 USD charges in places such as the United States.

Healthcare Rule Exceptions

The Malaysian Ministry of Health also subsidises costs for treatment at government hospitals by waiving off or significantly cutting cost to certain groups, which include:
  • Disabled people
  • Government servants
  • Students
  • People with an income of less than RM300 per month
  • Those holding Social Welfare or National Islamic Council cards
Of course, to get these benefits, sufficient proof must be provided such as the respective cards and documents or certifying letters. While usually only for Malaysian citizens, Expats in Malaysia who stay for 182 days or more on a yearly basis that fall into the mentioned groups may also make use of the subsidy.

Telephone Access Care

If you are staying somewhere away from urban areas, it might be harder to get access for better medical facilities. The Malaysian government had set up a teleconsultation system for better accessibility in this regard for both citizens and expats alike that may be located in more rural areas in need of medical services. This technology is also utilised for patient records storage and sharing for the benefit of both doctors and patients. These teleconsultations also occur between isolated doctors and doctors in main facilities.

Surgical Insurance Schemes and Hospitalisation for Expats in Malaysia

On 2011, the Foreign Worker Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance Scheme was introduced by the Malaysian government and made it compulsory for foreign workers to be insured. Unfortunately, the benefits for long-term expats is limited as they are supposed to fund medical insurance coverage from the pocket themselves.
Sometimes foreign worker insurance is covered by employers, but having additional health insurance is a good safety measure and fallback in case anything happens. When it comes to getting full coverage such as consultations, hospital fees and prescriptions, it is best to opt for private international coverage as services will be more flexible, higher coverage levels, easy renewability and enforced regulations.

Health Insurance for Expats in Malaysia

Due to rising prices of healthcare rates from expats with no access to public sector services, it is important to get private medical coverage that is suitable for both you and your family. Insurance providers have multiple policies, some that include:
  • Health Card: Base policy covering hospitalisation and a treatment allowance for selected hospitals
  • Critical Illness: Lumpsum fund provided for treatment
  • Disability: A series of incomes for the disabled
  • Hospital Income: A fixed amount of money for a patient’s treatment at selected hospitals
Some foreign worker insurances cover other types of treatments for other illnesses as well, and it all should be taken into consideration for your selection of insurance.
The are many things that need to be considered before choosing the right foreign worker insurance for you. South Gate is ready to help with finding the one perfect for your needs, simply contact us for further assistance.
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