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About South Gate
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What You Need to Prepare Before Coming to Malaysia As an Expat

Having trouble trying to work out how to get that dream job in Malaysia? Well you’re in luck as we have just the guide for you on what to prepare before coming to Malaysia and getting an expat professional visa.
Recognised for its diversity in not just culture but market, Malaysia is a well-known choice for expatriates to further their career. However, from the long list of laws and all the paperwork that comes with them, it can be quite overwhelming and confusing to figure out what to do before taking the next step to become an official expat

How does work permit function in Malaysia?

Before you can start working in Malaysia, you will need to get yourself a work permit aka an employment pass or professional visa. These work permits are only valid if it is sponsored by a company local to Malaysia. Having a local company to assist you would also be vital because most application forms are offered in Bahasa Melayu.
Work permits are issued separately under four main regions being Peninsular Malaysia, Labuan, Sabah and Sarawak. There are three types of work permits in Malaysia:

Professional Visa

  • Hired by overseas company, working locally in Malaysia
  • Usually for technical experts / trainees
  • Validity typically around 6 months to 1 year

Temporary Employment Pass

  • Needs quota approval from Local Approval Centre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • No skill specialisation, general labour
  • Validity typically around 3 months – 2 years (contract dependent)

Employment Pass

  • Approved by Expatriate Committee to be hired by local company, working locally in Malaysia
  • Skill specialisation, usually technical or managerial roles
  • Minimum period of 2 years

How do I get a Work Permit?

After deciding on the appropriate work permit that you need, be sure to have these documents below as they are mandatory for the application process:
  • Employment Contract / Appointment Letter
  • Original copy of application payment receipts
  • Photocopy of employee passport for every page including the cover
  • Passport size (4.5cmx3.5cm) photographs with a blue background
  • Employee Resume / CV
  • Copies of any education certificates or qualifications
  • Medical report from the employee’s origin country approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia
It is best that the supporting documents are either in English or Bahasa Melayu or there is a possibility of them needing additional attesting authentication.
Need further assistance on the application process for professional expatriates? Feel free to contact South Gate to assist you in getting a work permit and more.
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Our Clients for Foreign Worker Supply and Local Labor @ Malaysia

Advance Lab AsiaPaint A-T BHIG Harmony Marine Products Sdn Bhd hq Metonmas Red Elbow Sen Co Yogo


  I knew South Gate when I wanted to get some foreign workers for the first time for my company 2 years ago. I was not sure about the requirements and process by that time, but the person in-charged was able to give detail consultation to clear my doubts. South Gate is very professional and ethical in business. I have recommended their services to many of my friends.  
  -    A-T Mould (M) Sdn. Bhd.    -  
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