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How to deal with rejected professional visa application for expatriate position in Malaysia?

Due to the shortage of skilled workforce in Malaysia, it is common for local companies and companies with foreign interest to bring in expatriate officers to fill positions as permitted by our local government. These expatriate officers are required to apply for work permits prior to their official work commencement in Malaysia.

However, over the years, we have come across many cases whereby their professional visa applications were not approved. As an employer, what should you do with the rejected application?

Employer can assist to submit appeal for rejected professional visa application, with documents and appeal letter duly provided for consideration. Some of the common considerations include:
  • Individuals with qualifications and professional expertise that contribute to the development of the country without affecting the rights of existing citizens;
  • Individuals with certificates issued by Ministry of Home Affairs indicating their entry to the country as beneficial for economic development;
  • and others.
  • Generally, an expatriate officer is permitted to work in Malaysia for a period of only 10 years in terms of policy enacted, except for key posts and shareholders. For companies who would like to appeal for exemption, you are required to refer to the Immigration Affairs Division for consideration and approval.  The Immigration Affairs Division will consider appeal for the second time after the rejection by Malaysia Immigration Department.

The Immigration Affairs Division will process and submit to the top management of the Ministry of Home Affairs for applicant the acknowledgement of acceptance of the expatriate appeal within 14 working days after receiving the application over the counter by the Immigration Affairs Division. The applicant will be notified of the decision within 5 working days.

In a nutshell, please make sure your application documents and certification pertaining are well-prepared before submitting appeal for the professional visa application to ensure smooth appeal process.

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21 Feb 2024