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SOCSO Amnesty Program Extended by Another Month, Steven Sim Chee Keong Encourages Employers to "Seize the Opportunity"

Shah Alam, 30th - Human Resources Minister Steven Sim Chee Keong announced that the SOCSO (Social Security Organization) "amnesty program," originally scheduled to end tomorrow, will be extended until June 30.

The amnesty period for employers to register their employees for social insurance was initially set to end on May 31. However, Steven Sim Chee Keong stated that the program would be extended to next month, until June 30, to encourage employers who have not yet registered and paid social insurance premiums for their employees to do so within this period.

"The authorities have considered the enthusiastic response to the 30-day 'amnesty program.' From May 15 to May 29, the number of employer registrations was 7,370, which is 31.8%, a significant increase compared to the same period in April."

Additionally, he mentioned that the number of new employee registrations, including both local and foreign employees, was 126,041, an increase of 34.1%.

He emphasized that employers who fail to register their employees by the final deadline could face a maximum fine of RM 5,000. Continued non-compliance could result in a maximum fine of RM 10,000, two years imprisonment, or both.

If employers delay or fail to pay social insurance for their employees, a daily penalty interest rate of 6% per annum may be imposed.

Previously, SOCSO Chief Executive Officer Datuk Seri Dr. Mohammed Azman reminded domestic employers to proactively register and pay social insurance for their employees by May 31. Otherwise, the 2024 detection operation (Ops Kesan) will commence in June to identify non-compliant employers.

Steven Sim Chee Keong made these remarks during a press conference on the extension of the 2024 SOCSO "amnesty program" held today at the PKPS Building in Shah Alam.

Attendees included the Director-General of the Department of Trade Unions Affairs Malaysia (JHEKS), Hazmo Mohammad Azree.

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04 Jun 2024